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Grandaddy - Blu Wav - Vinyl LP (Wav Blu)

Grandaddy - Blu Wav - Vinyl LP (Wav Blu)

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Grandaddy - Blu Wav - Vinyl LP (Wav Blu). This opaque baby blue variant is available to all retailers and 5,000 copies are available. Vinyl jacket features a metallic foil print. Includes a digital download of Blu Wav.


  1. Blu Wav
  2. Cabin in My Mind
  3. Long as I'm Not the One
  4. You're Going to Be Fine and I'm Going to Hell
  5. Watercooler
  6. Let's Put this Pinto on the Moon
  7. On a Train or Bus
  8. Jukebox App
  9. Yeehaw Ai in the Year 2025
  10. Ducky, Boris and Dart
  11. East Yosemite
  12. Nothin' to Lose
  13. Blu Wav Buh Bye


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